D+H provides brokers and lenders with a collaborative and secure document management solution to electronically manage all mortgage documentation and securely share, store and manage documents associated with the mortgage application process. Brokers and Lenders can correspond on deals in real time including email notification. D+H Exchange seamlessly integrates with D+H Expert and D+H Express (our Lender Origination System) to maximize the efficiency gains associated with electronic document management while minimizing the additional effort, risk and cost with maintaining a stand-alone solution.

Why Canadian Mortgage Brokers use D+H Exchange:

  • Enable more efficient and secure electronic document sharing between lenders and mortgage brokers.
  • Email notification when documents have been received
  • Accessible anytime via the web
  • Secure centralized location of all mortgage documents, saving time and money through a reduced reliance on offsite storage and retrieval of documents.
  • Facilitates audit and compliance through:
    • Controlled and audited access
    • Increased ability to detect fraud/forgery
    • Enforcement of internal reviews and audit policies
    • Easy to use thereby ensuring documents are complete and available upon request
  • Security and compliance tools that are designed to uphold industry standards and government regulations for privacy and data access