D+H provides brokers with a web-based mortgage origination program designed to connect lenders and mortgage brokers, simplify the application process and provide efficient deal management.  With a variety of easy to use tools D+H Expert is a reliable and secure end to end solution for creation, submission and management of mortgage applications, providing connectivity to over 80 different mortgage lenders in Canada. This connectivity ensures that Brokers and their clients have immediate and real-time access to the mortgage credit market and the availability of competitive and innovative products.

The D+H Expert origination platform provides real time connectivity to the largest network of Lenders and mortgage industry partners including Credit Bureaus, Creditor Life Insurance Services, and CRMs. Integration with our robust document management platform – the ‘D+H Exchange’ platform – is also provided. Through these various integrations, we are able to provide Brokers a complete, end to end tool that allows them to capture, submit and manage deals throughout the lifecycle and have immediate and 24/7 access to the deal in order to provide premium service and information to their clients.

Based on over a dozen years of support to the Broker Community and our deep association with the mortgage industry, D+H has built a reputation as a trusted partner in the industry meeting the evolving needs of our user base and stakeholders. Our support for the industry helped earn us the acknowledgement from the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP) in 2014 as ‘Canada’s Leading Mortgage Broker Technology Provider’.

Why Canadian Mortgage Brokers use D+H Expert:

  • Unparalleled connectivity to the largest network of mortgage brokers, lenders and other third party industry participants in Canada
  • Standardized process for deal submission across lenders and mortgage brokers for more efficient processing.
  • Real-time deal input, access to condition status updates and seamless document sharing. The status of the deal remains visible to brokers throughout the process
  • Easy to use, intuitive interface with robust help capabilities
  • 24/7 availability – anytime, anywhere, from any web browser
  • Robust data capture, validation, and data verification capabilities
  • A variety of online sales tools and “what if” calculators to help brokers better serve their customers
  • Configurable and customizable integration points and user hierarchies to fully meet brokers’ unique, end-to-end deal processing needs
  • Security and compliance tools that are designed to uphold industry standards and government regulations for privacy and data access